Healing Through Fiber Arts!

I have been knitting and dyeing yarn since 2005

I learned to knit in 2005 when I just HAD to have knitted pants for my then one-year-old son, Kai. Within the same month I began dyeing yarn as there were only a couple of places online to buy hand dyed yarn at the time. Others loved my yarns and knits, so I opened up a “work at home mom” shop and sold my goods. I became industrious enough to help support my family for many years and greatly enjoyed being a part of the exponential growth in the fiber arts industry as we know it today.

In 2010 I began designing knitwear patterns and spinning yarn

In 2010 I ventured into yarn spinning and it has become one of my most treasured pass times. It satisfies my Capricorn nature as I can meditate while still producing something beautiful! Around this time I also began designing knitwear patterns. This is something I am going to begin doing again – watch for some free patterns to show up here on my blog soon!

In 2016 I joined the healthcare field

In 2016, after purchasing our first home, I decided it was time to finally go to nursing school – a dream I had on the back burner since 2005. My sister had just moved to be near me and was a huge inspiration to me. She gave me the confidence I needed to make this dream come true. She had been a paramedic for many years and then gone to nursing school and was such a bad ass ER nurse. Unfortunately, I lost my sister to cancer on August 3rd, 2022. I am so grateful for all of her companionship and influence in my life over the years.

I worked as a home care aid and as a caregiver/med-tech in assisted living while taking my pre-requisites and attending nursing school. I graduated in June of 2020, just in time to work in a Skilled Nursing Facility for the first “summer of covid” and then I started work in the ER in August of 2020. I’ve remained in the ER since. I currently work in the system float pool for Multicare. This job has me working in five different hospital ERs as well as multiple off-campus/stand-alone ERs throughout Pierce and King County in Washington State. When people ask how I like what I do, there is no short answer I can provide. My response is simply “every day is an adventure” and that really does sum up my work.

Where I am today

This blog represents many things that are important to me – sharing my love of fiber arts, my love of nursing, and how fiber arts helps me heal the spaces in me that my job causes injury to. Nursing is a traumatizing field to work in, and the ER more than most nursing specialties. I see things at work that are incredibly difficult to process, especially being a highly sensitive person. I still love what I do, and in order to keep doing it I must take exceptionally good care of myself. My love of fiber arts helps me do this, as well as a strong spiritual practice which I will be sharing about on this blog as well!

This blog represents a healing space I have been searching for. I am here to connect with like-minded people, add value to others, and process my life as it unfolds in the healthiest way possible. I desire to deliver knitwear design, knitting and spinning tutorials, and share some of the lighter sides of my life as an ER nurse. I will also share the more spiritual side of my self care including the Teachings of Abraham, Tarot, and meditation. I hope you’ll stick around and we can connect!

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  1. I love watching you pursue your passions, wearing your art and hearing about your life! This blog and your new restart on your spinning, dyeing, pattern-making and sharing is exciting🤗❤️.

  2. Super proud of you for the fabulous achievements and deeply sorry to hear about your loss, I know just how much your sister loved and inspired you. Thank you for stepping into your passion (on all the levels)!

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